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Our products pass through the following stations before finally reaching the customer:

1. Aluminium plant; Melting rollers – Transportation from A to B
2. Metal worker; Cutting setting breaking edges – Transporter from B to C
3. Paint shop; Zirconising powder coating – Transporter from C to D
4. Fulfilment; Storage packing – Carrier from D to customer

Aluminium is a soft material and sheets are transported from A to B stacked. If the sheets shift relative to each other, or one is careless when putting them on or taking them off, the scratches are already visible. At the metal worker, the products pass several stations and thus through many hands and machines. Most machines, such as a laser cutter, bending machine, edge breaker and vacuum hoist, leave their imprints on the material. The coater gets a lot masked, but sometimes not everything. Also, after coating, a moment of carelessness may occur at the fulfilment centre, causing something to be slightly scratched. We are on top of this from BRASOM, but cannot prevent it in all cases.

This left us with a choice;

  1. Increase product prices substantially, inspect everything thoroughly and eliminate products.
  2. Maintain current low prices and inform the customer in advance that any scratches are included in the price.

We presented this to our customers and unanimously the second option was chosen. By the way, before we provided our site with this message, we only got sporadic feedback on such cases. Customers understand that these products cannot be compared to, say, a new television.

Should you want to be guaranteed a spotless product, you can add a product check to the cart via this link. The fulfilment centre will unpack the product and thoroughly check for any impurities before they carefully pack the package and hand it over to the carrier. We do make this service unattractive at €20 excluding VAT per product, in order to be more responsive to the vast majority of our customers.

Just to clarify; don’t be put off by this message. The vast majority of our coated products arrive tight in the paintwork. Any scratches at issue are also not considered disturbing. Our reviews speak for themselves.

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