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M3 sleeve nut for 40kg drawer slide attachment

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  • Price per piece: one sleeve nut.
  • Type: M3 sleeve nut, stainless steel.
  • For attaching 40kg slides.
  • "NOTE! You must determine the bolt length you need yourself. You also need to enter the quantity in the shopping cart on your own. These fasteners are sold individually, not per slide. With one piece, you can secure one mounting hole.
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What are these fasteners used for?

Using these fasteners, you can securely attach our 40kg drawer slides to a side panel or drawer. Please note that you need access to the rear of the side panel to tighten the bolt or hold the sleeve nut in place. It’s not a blind attachment.

Since the nut’s sleeve partially fits into the hole (in the side panel), you will need holes with a diameter of 4.5mm.

It doesn’t matter whether you pass the bolt or the sleeve nut through the drawer slides from the inside. So, you can even mount drawer slides on both sides of a wall with a single bolt-nut attachment.

Can BRASOM assist with anything?

BRASOM is the specialist in drawer slides. Our customer service is here to provide clarity. We’re happy to assist you!

What length of bolts should I order?

The length of the bolts you need to order depends on the thickness of the side panel to which the slides will be bolted. If you position the bolt head on the inside of the drawer slide and the sleeve nut on the outside of the wall, it doesn’t matter if the bolt is longer than indicated below. The bolt thread will then protrude on the outside. Shorter bolts won’t work, of course. If you adhere to the specifications below, you can also position the bolt head on the outside of the wall, as a bolt head looks neater than a sleeve nut.

How many fasteners do I need?

The number of fasteners required depends on the load and the length of the drawer slides. Three fastening points per connection are sufficient for all 40kg drawer slide lengths.

Please note that it’s 3 pieces per drawer slide per connection (casing/side of drawer). Here are some examples for clarification:

  1. You want to mount one set of 40kg-750mm drawer slides using these fasteners on both the drawer and the casing. So, you need 4 connections, and you need: 4 x 3 pieces = 12 fasteners. It’s often wise to add one extra in case you drop a nut and can’t find it, for example.
  2. You want to mount one set of 40kg-300mm drawer slides on both inner sides of a casing with these bolt-nuts. You want to secure the drawer in between with screws. So, you only need 2 bolt-nut connections, and you need: 2 x 3 pieces = 6 fasteners.
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