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Set of floor mounting brackets for 200kg 500mm drawer slides

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  • For perpendicular mounting of our 200kg 500mm slides
  • Floor mounting option for lip; under drawer / side of drawer
  • 500mm long – 60mm wide – 60mm high – 4mm thick
  • 3mm adjustability per side
  • Weight of 1.2 kg per set
  • Includes M5 fasteners
  • Unfinished aluminum; lightweight and rust-resistant
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What are these brackets suitable for?

With this set, you can easily and neatly attach our 200kg drawer slides at a 90-degree angle to the bottom or ceiling. The angle profiles are designed in such a way that you have the option to have the lip extend under the drawer or on the side of the drawer. The fasteners are compact, so there is no threaded end sticking out on the outside. You can even attach two drawer slides on both sides of a single bracket. This is ideal for multiple long heavy-duty drawers placed alongside each other, such as in a camper!

What about the quality?

The angle profiles are made of aluminum. This lightweight material is desirable for applications in commercial vehicles and campers. Furthermore, aluminum is strong and does not rust. The only post-treatment this product has undergone is a light sanding to soften the edges. We also offer a coated variant in our range if a more polished appearance is desired.

What does this set consist of?

One set of floor mounting brackets consists of 2 aluminum angle profiles and a bag containing sleeve nuts and low-profile bolts. The longer the brackets, the more fasteners are included in the set.

Additional information
Weight 1,2 kg
Dimensions 500 × 60 × 60 mm

Mounting 200kg drawer slides onto our angle brackets.

The drawer slides are easy to mount onto the brackets. When you extend the slide, you'll find the mounting holes on the inside. To access the mounting holes, you need to adjust the three parts relative to each other. There's a large hole in the middle part that should align with the mounting hole. You can then insert a sleeve nut from the inside into the hole, after which you tighten the drawer slide against the angle profile using a bolt from the other side. Only tighten the fasteners once they are all loosely mounted. You'll need a 4mm Allen key for this (not included). If the fronts of the drawer slides are not aligned, you can adjust them by slightly loosening the fasteners and shifting the drawer slide relative to the angle profile (up to 3mm). Then, tighten everything back up.

Best of luck!

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