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Set of drawer slides 200kg – 1500mm – open / close locking

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  • Fully extendable 3-part design
  • With open and close position locking
  • 200 kg load capacity when wall-mounted
  • Actual built-in length: 1,525 mm + 32 mm lock
  • Extended length: 3,050 mm
  • 75.4 mm wide – 19 mm thick
  • 6.3 mm mounting holes
  • Weight per set: 15.1 kg
  • Excluding fastening materials
  • Available in left and right variants
  • Made of galvanized steel
  • Ball-bearing mechanism

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How much weight can a drawer with these runners hold?

One set of these drawer runners can carry 200kg. This applies in both retracted and extended position and if the weight is evenly distributed over the length. If the weight is only going to be placed deep in the drawer, these guides can carry approximately 115% = 230kg. The maximum point load in the front of the drawer is close to 70% = 140kg. Do not forget to include the own weight of the drawer in your weight calculation. If necessary, place dividers in the drawer to prevent heavy contents from sliding forward. This benefits the drawer slides. You can also choose not to have the drawer guides extend to the maximum, but to have the movement stop sooner. You thus limit the arm of the protruding weight, so that the guides can handle a greater load compared to a maximum extension.

Upright or flat mounting of drawer slides?

The 200 kg evenly distributed load applies if the drawer slides are used standing, or mounted against a side. It is possible to mount the drawer slides flat under a drawer, but this is disadvantageous for the deflection and the weight to be carried. When fully extended, the drawer runners bend much more in a horizontal position than if you mounted them upright. You also have to take into account a 60% decrease in the weight to be carried, so 200 kg standing becomes 80 kg lying down.

Can we at BRASOM help with anything?

BRASOM is the specialist in the field of drawer runners. Our customer service is ready to provide clarity. We are happy to help you!

Drawer guides with lock

We can supply our heavy duty 200kg drawer runners with or without a lock. The variant with lock does not fall open unintentionally and you have to push a lever to unlock the movement. The drawer slide locks at two different times; fully closed and fully open. A set includes a left and a right drawer slide of which only the handle differs; of one guide the handle points upwards, of the other downwards. This is necessary because drawer slides are mounted mirrored and the handles must point in the same direction in that situation. You must decide for yourself whether it is easy for your application to point the handles downwards or upwards. Personally, I find it easier to push the lever up for unlocking.

In some cases it is desirable if only one of the two guides locks the drawer. For example, with a wide drawer where the drawer guides are far apart. In that case it is not possible to operate both levers simultaneously.

It would be easier if you could order one drawer runner with and one drawer runner without a handle. Unfortunately this is not possible, but what is possible is to combine two sets. So you could purchase one set with and one set without handles and process one drawer guide from both sets per drawer. You can make two drawers that can both be operated with one handle.

What does 3-part extendable mean?

There are 2-part and 3-part drawer slides. The difference lies in the extendability of the conductors. Drawers with 2-part drawer guides can be partially pulled out, while drawers with 3-part drawer guides can be slid completely outside the casing. Fully extendable. This makes it easy to grab things in the back of the drawer as well. Our range only contains the most user-friendly variant; the 3-piece drawer runners.

Fixing drawer slides at right angles

With the help of our corner mounting brackets, these drawer runners can be mounted at an angle of 90° to the floor or ceiling. We offer these aluminum mounting brackets in two versions; untreated and with black powder coating. If desired, you must add one of the two separately to the shopping cart.

The brackets can be attached to the drawer runners in two ways; you can choose to attach the horizontal lip under the drawer to the bottom, or to have it stick out on the side beyond the drawer guides and screw it against the bottom. In addition to the brackets, compact fasteners are also part of the mounting set. With the aid of this, the drawer guides can be attached very neatly to the aluminum brackets. There are no sharp wire ends protruding anywhere, so that the brackets can be placed close to a wall. It is also possible to attach two drawer slides to one bracket with which you can realize two connecting heavy duty drawers. Ideal for a double drawer in the back of a company bus or camper!

Do I need a ball or roller guide?

If you want to achieve a smooth and accurate movement, it is best to opt for a ball guide. There are many small balls between the slides of a ball guide that can absorb both vertical and horizontal loads. A roller guide, on the other hand, functions by means of rollers (wheels) over a rail and can mainly handle vertical loads. There is also a difference in friction. Bullets have point tangents and roll line tangents, creating more friction. For these two reasons, BRASOM Drawer Guides has made the conscious choice to focus solely on high-quality ball guides.

Additional information
Weight 15,1 kg
Dimensions 1557 mm

Adjusting drawer slides can be a tricky task. The slides should not be twisted in relation to each other. They also shouldn't be under tension between the drawer and the cabinet. Tension occurs when the parts of the slides are pulled apart in the thickness direction or pushed together. It's essential to ensure that the space between the drawer and the cabinet's side walls is exactly the same as the thickness (19mm) of these slides. The more this measurement deviates, the higher the loads the slides will experience, and the heavier the movement will be. A deviation of about 0.5mm is acceptable. To achieve this adjustment as accurately as possible, I recommend securing one side wall of the cabinet (or drawer) only when the drawer is in place. The side wall can then make a small lateral movement if necessary for perfect adjustment. It's also important that both slides, when the drawer is closed, hit the rear stop at the same time. The fronts of both slides should be in line with each other. You can prevent a hard impact when closing the drawer by ensuring that the drawer slides reach the plastic rear stops before the front of the drawer comes into contact with the cabinet. So, keep a small gap (+2mm) between the front of the drawer and the cabinet in the closed position. If your drawer is slightly longer than the length of the drawer slides, I recommend attaching the slides as close to the front of the drawer as possible. This small detail allows the drawer to bear more weight and will prevent it from sagging compared to mounting the slides deeper into the cabinet, further away from the front of the drawer.

Light-duty drawer slides (not the 200kg variants) can often be divided into two parts. You can easily screw one part of the drawer slide to the side of the drawer and the other part to the inside wall of the cabinet. Then, you can gently slide the drawer into the cabinet, and the slides will self-lock. This is not the case with these 200kg variants. They are designed for high loads, and the option to divide them is not robust enough and not idiot-proof. You should first mount these slides to the inside of the cabinet. Then, extend the slides fully and install the drawer between them. The mounting holes have a diameter of 6.3mm. Use bolts or screws with a low or countersunk head. If you opt for the latter, make sure to use a thread diameter of up to 5mm so that the countersunk head partly fits into the hole. If you don't consider this, the heads may obstruct the movement of the drawer. Before you start installing, check if the selected screw or bolt meets the requirements.

Good luck!

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