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Set of drawer slides 200kg – 1400mm – heavy duty

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  • 3-piece fully extendable
  • Without open and close position locking
  • 200 kg load capacity when wall-mounted
  • 1,423 mm actual installation length
  • 2,846 mm extended length
  • 75.4 mm wide – 19 mm thick
  • 6.3 mm mounting holes
  • 14.0 kg weight per set
  • No difference between left and right
  • Galvanized steel
  • Ball bearing
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venly distributed, these drawers can carry 200 kg

The load may be 200 kg, in case you distribute the weight over the entire drawer guide length. If only weight is placed deep in the drawer, this set can carry more weight, namely 115%, which corresponds to 230 kg. The opposite applies if you only load the very tip of the set of drawer slides. You then have to calculate with approximately 70% of the average weight, which is ±140kg. All these loads include the weight of the drawer; so don’t forget to include this in your calculation. Weight-wise, it is beneficial if you place partitions in the drawer and store the heaviest products in the back. This reduces the protruding weight and puts less stress on the drawer slides. Another method to limit the protruding weight is to stop the movement earlier than maximum with a stop. This small detail also means that the conductors can withstand a heavier load.

Mount drawer runners flat under a drawer?

We recommend, if possible, to mount the drawer runner upright (vertical). The previously mentioned taxes also only apply in that condition. If it is desirable for your construction to lay the drawer slides flat (horizontal) under the drawer, you have to take a few things into account. 1) The drawer guide bends much more when pulled out. 2) The drawer slides can only be loaded with about 40% (80kg) of the standing weight.

Ask your drawer slide specialist!

You can contact our customer service if you still have an unanswered question after reading this information. We are happy to help you!

Open and closed position lock?

We can supply these 200 kg drawer slides with or without open and close position locking. If you apply the standard heavy duty version, the drawer will fall open if it is inclined downwards. If you opt for the variant with locking, this is not possible. The drawer guide is secured both in open and closed position. The locks of these conductors are mirrored in relation to each other. This means you don’t have to push one lever up and one down to open the drawer, but both locks point in the same direction. It does not matter whether you mount the drawer runners with the locks up or down. Outside of these interlocks, the conductors contain no differences. There is no left or right variant.

If you only want to operate the drawer with one handle, you can easily remove the lock of the other drawer slide using a drill. In the following YouTube video I show you how to do this; How to remove the lock from BRASOM 200kg drawer runners?

If you are going to make two 1-lock drawers, it is easier to combine a heavy duty set of drawer slides without a lock with a lockable set. Then use one of the two variants of runners per drawer.

Ball guide versus roller guides

We at BRASOM Ladegeleiders only offer ball guides for the following reasons; they move more smoothly, accurately and quietly than a roller guide. A roller guide moves with the help of wheels, which cause more friction than balls. The balls in a ball guide are well locked in place using shaped profile slides, so that a ball guide can not only absorb forces from above, but also (to a lesser extent) from the side. The rollers of a roller guide are often not properly locked laterally, so that the guide may only be loaded from above. That is why a roller guide will not move as precisely and heavier and we have made the choice to only provide our webshop with premium ball bearing products.

Drawer runners for floor mounting

Optionally, you can add our right-angle mounting kit to the order. This set consists of two white or black corner lines and a bag of mounting materials. You can attach the drawer slides tightly against the vertical lips of the aluminum corner lines using the compact fasteners. The bolts and sleeve nuts to be used are specially formulated for this application and fit perfectly in the holes. No sharp wire ends protrude anywhere and the whole can be placed close to, for example, a wheel arch of a Sprinter. It is even possible to mount two drawer slides on both sides of one bracket, which makes it possible to have a row of drawers next to each other.
You screw the remaining horizontal lips of the corner lines onto the bottom, so that the drawer guides are at right angles to the bottom. Mounting on the bottom can be done in two ways; You can have the lip stick under the drawer (often desired) or on the side outside the drawer. Just what you need for your motorhome or commercial vehicle!

Fully extendable drawer runners

All our drawer slides are made up of three main parts and are therefore fully extendable. They can extend their own length and bring the drawer completely outside the casing. This gives you good access to all the items in the drawer. There are also 2-part drawer slides that are cheaper, but less user-friendly and only have a limited stroke. The drawer will partly remain in the housing. You will not find that variant with us.

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Weight 14,0 kg
Dimensions 1423 mm
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