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Push-to-open pressure catch for handleless drawer or door

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  • Suitable for drawers and doors – see description
  • Integrated push-to-open system – 25 N / 2.5 kg pressure force per piece
  • Anthracite plastic + brushed stainless steel, supplied with protective film
  • Adjustable; 84 – 89mm installation depth / 122 – 127mm extended length
  • 22 mm wide – 12 mm thick – 8 mm head diameter
  • 4.5 mm countersunk mounting holes – 4 pieces
  • M4 bolts / screws for mounting plate not included
  • 25 g own weight
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What is a pressure catch?

A pressure catch is a push-to-open system that can be added to a drawer or door. With a gentle push on the front of the drawer, it will automatically open slightly. Another push will engage the pressure catch to close the drawer back. Ideal for handleless drawers or for providing additional security for existing drawers, such as in a camper.

The pressure catch operates with the help of a magnet embedded in the extending part. This magnet engages with a metal screw plate during the in and out movement.

Installing a pressure catch

The pressure catch should be screwed to the inside of the cabinet using the holder. The supplied metal screw plate is placed on the inside of the drawer’s front. You can use the provided white M10 plug to secure the screw plate. The magnet can be adjusted in and out over a length of 5 mm, allowing for precise adjustment. The pressure catch works best in the middle of the drawer, between the two drawer slides. In most cases, only one pressure catch is sufficient.

A pressure catch cannot be combined with a set of 40- or 80kg soft-close drawer slides. If you remove the protruding pin of the soft-close system, this combination becomes possible. You will no longer have the soft-close feature, but rather a push-to-open drawer slide. A pressure catch can be combined with our 200kg drawer slides without open and close position locking, making it an excellent combination. Combining it with position locking is also possible, but it makes the drawer less user-friendly. For opening, you would need to unlock and push the drawer in. Outside drawers, a pressure catch is also suitable for (cabinet) doors.

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