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Decorative edges for our 6mm thick aluminum drawers

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  • Price for 4 decorative corners with 8 threaded pins
  • Includes what is shown in the first photo
  • To be mounted on our 6mm thick drawers
  • Not essential for structural integrity
  • Matches in appearance with the drawer divider connectors
  • Dimensions per decorative corner; 53 x 53 x 23mm
  • Easy to attach using threaded pins
  • Weight of 35 grams per corner
  • Anodized 3mm thick aluminum
  • 2% discount from €1000
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What is the purpose of a drawer divider?

This divider can be added to our aluminum drawers that are 630mm wide. Using one or more of these dividers, you can partition the surface of the drawer into segments. This results in a more organized drawer. Additionally, a divider contributes to the longevity of the drawer slides. A divider prevents heavy items from shifting within the drawer. Deeper within the drawer, the drawer slides bear more weight compared to the front of the drawer. Therefore, by using a divider to prevent heavy items from shifting forward, it enhances the weight-bearing capacity and reduces sagging.

Custom Drawer?

We can tailor our aluminum drawers to your desired dimensions. Please provide the following information via email: Available installation depth, width, and height | Side or floor mounting | Number of drawers (side by side) | Weight to be carried | Number of dividers | Blank or black aluminum.

You will receive a custom quote from us within two business days. If accepted, it will take approximately 4 weeks before we can deliver the drawer(s). If you prefer a black drawer, please allow for an additional 2 weeks.

Where should the drawer divider be placed?

The drawer divider can be attached across the entire depth of the drawer. It doesn’t matter how many dividers you add to the drawer. These can also be easily moved later, should a different arrangement be desired. You can even divide the drawers widthwise. If desired, ensure that two walls are spaced 618mm apart in the depth direction. Then, with the help of additional dividers, you can partition that section widthwise. Ideal!

How do you install a drawer divider?

The drawer divider is easy to install, using a Phillips-head screwdriver (not included). To start, place the T-connectors over both ends of the divider and loosely screw the threaded pins into the holes. Don’t overtighten, as the T-connectors should still be movable. If you plan to load the drawer with 100+ kilos, you may consider using the floor connector as well. While the floor connector isn’t essential for securing the divider, it adds to the structural integrity. In the case of heavy loads, the bottom of the drawer might slightly flex, which a divider with a floor connector would prevent.

Additional information
Weight 1,65 kg
Dimensions 1176 × 84 × 6 mm


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