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Caster wheel unbraked 80 kg with elastic rubber tire

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  • Fixed caster without brake
  • Load capacity up to 80 kg
  • Chrome-plated steel fork with 100×27 mm wheel
  • Elastic rubber tire on polypropylene rim
  • Outer dimensions of mounting plate 76×76 mm
  • Center-to-center distance of M8 mounting slots 50-60mm
  • Wheel is directly under the mounting plate
  • Total height 134 mm
  • Steel thickness 2.5 mm
  • Ball bearings
  • 0.6 kg own weight
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What is a fixed caster?

A fixed caster is a wheel that is attached within a frame and can only move in one direction. This is in contrast to a swivel caster where a wheel can rotate around a vertical axis, allowing it to point and roll in any direction.

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What is an elastic rubber tire?

The tires of fixed and swivel casters come in three different versions: with a standard rubber tire, with a TPR rubber tire, and with an elastic rubber tire. The standard rubber tire is the most economical option but has a relatively low load capacity and high rolling resistance. It also leaves marks on certain surfaces. The TPR rubber tire does not leave marks, making it ‘no marking’. However, like the standard version, it also has a relatively low load capacity. The best product we offer is the elastic rubber tire. Elastic rubber tires combine high load capacity with low rolling resistance and do not leave marks.

What does ball bearings mean?

Wheels are equipped with ball bearings when smooth movement of the wheel combined with the ability to bear heavy loads is desired. Spherical balls are placed between the rotating parts, reducing friction. As the balls fix the wheel from all sides, it prevents unwanted vibrations. The wheel moves smoothly and silently. The swivel casters also have an additional ball bearing in the swivel raceway.

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Weight 0,6 kg
Dimensions 134 mm
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