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Aluminium tray for 200kg 1500mm drawer slides

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  • Price per individual drawer including M5 fasteners
  • Excluding drawer slides, floor brackets, dividers, and decorative corners
  • In other words, it includes what is shown in the first photo
  • To be mounted on our 200kg 1500mm drawer slides
  • Drawer without accessories; H90 x W630 x D1520
  • Drawer with drawer slides without / with lock; H95 / H95 x W668 x D1532 / D1556
  • Drawer with drawer slides and floor brackets; H100 x W676 x D1532 / D1556
  • Double drawer set; H100 x W1348 x D1532 / D1556
  • 10mm clearance from the bottom, using our brackets
  • 20.8 kg own weight per drawer without accessories
  • Unfinished raw 6mm thick aluminum
  • This drawer fits on drawer slides: BS1L-200-1100 / BS2L-200-1100
  • To add floor brackets: BS1B-200-1100
  • Optional decorative corners: BS1A-06-000
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  • ATTENTION! Due to a design flaw, one hole does not align with the hole pattern of the drawer slide. You can omit the attachment for that hole, or drill through the hole.
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What is this drawer suitable for?

These aluminum drawers are highly suitable for applications in campers and commercial vehicles. Many campers are divided into two levels when viewed from the back: a bed halfway up and a compartment for storage underneath. Items are pushed into the gap towards each other, and when you need something, there’s a chance you have to dig to retrieve it.

Because of this, many of our customers want to install one or two large drawers at the bottom between the wheel arches. This allows them to pull out a large loaded surface, giving them easy access to all their belongings without having to crawl into the lower compartment to reach items at the back.

Additionally, in commercial vehicles, there’s often a need for large drawers for tools or parts. Almost all of our 200kg locking drawer slides are used in vehicles. The lock and high load-bearing capacity make them exceptionally suitable for this purpose as well.

Until recently, customers could only purchase drawer slides from us and had to create the drawer themselves. This process takes a lot of time and it’s challenging to create a large, heavily loaded drawer. Strong connections also require specific machinery and materials that the average DIYer doesn’t have. To assist these customers, we have developed a series of drawers, to which this one belongs.

The drawer is entirely made of thick aluminum. This is a costly material choice, but it offers significant benefits. The drawer has a relatively low weight and is very sturdy, a combination that can’t be achieved to the same extent with wood. Its lifespan is also much longer since it won’t rust or rot. However, wood (or steel) is often chosen because it’s easy to work with and much cheaper. These are two points we acknowledge, but for which we have found a solution.

We take care of the processing as specialists. The aluminum drawer you receive will be completely finished. There’s no need for any drilling or processing. The drawer has hole patterns on both sides that match those of the drawer slides, which need to be added separately to the shopping cart. Using the provided fasteners, you can easily and quickly attach the slides to the sides. You’ll be done in a matter of seconds.

We also offer highly competitive prices that make it worth considering. We achieve this by operating at high volumes, doing a lot ourselves, and keeping margins small.

In summary, we’re talking about a high-quality product at a very good price. This ready-made drawer will save you a lot of effort!

What does this drawer consist of?

This product includes the aluminum drawer, cage nuts, and bolts. The drawer fits our 200kg drawer slides, which come in two variants: with and without locking. The drawer slides can be mounted perpendicular to the bottom using our optional mounting brackets. Of course, you can also screw the drawer with drawer slides between two side walls. In that case, you won’t need the brackets. However, it will be a bit more challenging because the side walls need to be precisely spaced to achieve a properly functioning system. If the drawer slides are pulled apart or pushed together in the (19mm) thickness direction, it negatively affects the smoothness of movement. This is not the case when using our mounting brackets. You can first screw these brackets onto the drawer slides and then place the entire assembly onto the surface. All components will already be between the brackets, ensuring they are ideally spaced and attached to the drawer slides. You can then securely fasten the brackets to the surface. Perfect!

Additional accessories include our drawer dividers and decorative corners. You can place an unlimited number of drawer dividers in the drawer. You can position a single divider in the drawer using T-connectors. The decorative corners have the same appearance as the T-connectors, allowing you to match the front and back of the drawer with the center.

Custom tray?

We can customize our aluminum drawers to your desired dimensions. To do so, please provide the following information via email: Available installation depth, width, and height | Side or floor mounting | Number of drawers (side by side) | Weight to be carried | Number of dividers | Clear or black aluminum.

Within two business days, you’ll receive a customized quote from us. If you approve the quote, it will take approximately 4 weeks before we can deliver the drawer(s). If you opt for a black drawer, please allow an additional 2 weeks.

This drawer slides out a distance of how far?

If you use our 200kg 1100mm drawer slides, the drawer extends a remarkable 1118mm. This means it fully extends outside of the enclosure. Opting for our lockable drawer slides will lock the movement in both the closed and fully open positions. You will need to switch the handles of the slides to move the drawer.

How much weight can this drawer carry?

The limiting factor is not the drawer itself, but rather the drawer slides. Taking into account the deduction of the drawer’s own weight, we can state that the assembly can be loaded on average with 180kg. If the weight is placed deep within the drawer, this assembly can carry approximately 200kg. The maximum point load at the front of the drawer is around 130kg.

Therefore, it benefits the drawer slides if you position heavy items towards the back of the drawer. By using dividers, you can ensure that these items do not unintentionally slide forward, especially in a moving vehicle.

Additional information
Weight 20,8 kg
Dimensions 1520 × 630 × 90 mm
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